Kelly Braun, RDH, MSDH, PHDHP

Kelly holds an AS and a BS in dental hygiene, both from Pennsylvania College of Technology. She also obtained a Master’s of Science in Dental Hygiene, with an emphasis on education, from the University of Bridgeport. Having worked in a hospital-based clinic, Kelly is currently focused on interprofessional practice activities with an emphasis on rural areas. In addition, Kelly is a part-time clinical dental hygiene instructor.


P.P.E. Review and Hearing Protection for the Dental Professional (2 CE hours)

As a dental healthcare professional, you are constantly exposed to infections hazards. This course addresses the components of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and also focuses on hearing loss in the dental profession and its prevention.

Credits hours: 2.0 hours 

Type: Distance Learning  

Course Objectives:

1.Explain recommended vaccinations for oral health personnel.
2.Discuss protective clothing and identify appropriate selections for patient care settings.
3.Identify considerations for selecting and wearing masks, gloves, and eye protection in the oral health setting.
4.Explain rationale for ear protection and discuss various options currently available.
May 10, 2017


Hand Hygiene (2.0 CE hours)

Hand-washing is a task that we complete so frequently as dental professionals. Most often, it is a task completed without much thought.  This course will review proper hand-washing techniques as well as hand hygiene considerations and will help you ensure that you are not only protecting yourself in the workplace, but that you are also taking precautions to protect the health of your patients.

December 11, 2017