Practice Development


Considering your own private practice?

OMNI Point’s Practice Development Program is one of our many professional services. The program puts our two decades of healthcare business experience to work for you. We help alleviate the  pressure of building a practice and allow our clients to focus on patient care. We are healthcare providers that build for other healthcare providers. 

Why does this program exist? 

Our Practice Development Program was developed out of necessity. Professional Programs (Medical, Dental, Veterinary, Optometry Schools, etc.)  do very little to prepare providers for survival in the daily “Business of Healthcare.”  After graduation, providers become instant CEO’s of their futures with very limited business training. Without proper set-up, vendor relations, construction experience and countless other aspects, the development of an independent practice can be a daunting and unnecessarily expensive endeavor.  Time and resource limitations even prevent experienced providers from internal expansion or lucrative satellite offices. As a result, many healthcare providers fail to reach their professional goals.

What do we do?

We put practice ownership into the hands of our clients. This versatile program can assists providers in first-time practice building, develop satellite locations,  provide buyer support during acquisitions, and assist with associate / employment agreement negotiations.  Our team guides its clients through every step of the process and helps build success. Call (484) 887-8751 or email to find out what we can do for you. 

What does the program offer?

Business plan development from start to finish

Creative freedom to develop your own practice model with a professional team

Customized office designs and infrastructure development with support

Staff acquisition and training

Branding, marketing and incorporation of your practice

Practice purchase support

Insurance credentialing for providers

Create billing and internal tracking systems

Automatic free enrollment into The Professional Advantage, OMNI Point’s exclusive overhead reduction vendor discount program

 Associate Agreement reviews and assistance with negotiations

Retirement planning and

much more . . .